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  • The need for parallel algorithms and architectures has recently gained more attention since it is no longer possible to improve processor clock frequencies. Although Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) has been around for many years, their usage for general purpose computing (GPGPU)  is fairly new.   GPUs are capable of applying a single operation on large amount of data (also known as Single Instruction Multiple Data - SIMD).  Although this might seem to be a disadvantage,  many scientific...
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  • A workshop on "Parallel Algorithms and Programming on GPUs" will be organized at ITU Informatics Institute on December 18 and 19, 2010. You can apply to participate in the workshop on our webpage after September 27. Number of attendees will be limited to 30. Deadline for applications to participate is December 6, 2010. Target Audience:  Target audience of the workshop will be researchers in both (private-public) research institutions and industry. Participants are expected to have some prior...
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  • Technical Specifications of UHeM GPU Systems: Compute Node CPU Type : Intel Xeon X5550 (Nehalem) Compute Node CPU Core Frequency : 2.67GHz. Number of Compute Nodes : 2 CPU per Compute Node : 2 Cpu Core per Compute Node : 4 Memory per Cpu Core : 3 GB Connection between Compute Nodes : Gigabit Ethernet GP-GPU Node Model : NVIDIA Tesla S1070 Number of GP-GPU Nodes : 2 Number of Total Tesla Processors (GP-GPU): 8 Number of Total Tesla  CPU Cores (GP-GPU core) : 1920 Running frequency of...
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  • All applications and any other project related tasks are carried out on NCHPC project administration interface. Click to apply now »
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      • Trainings on Fermi Architecture and CUDA and Intel Array Building Blocks
      • As a part of GPGPU Winter Workshop Timothy Lanfear, a Solution Architect in NVIDIA’s Professional Solutions Group...
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      • Winter Workshop
      • A workshop on "Parallel Algorithms and Programming on GPUs" will be organized at ITU Informatics Institute on December...
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